On residency in Valles Pasiegos, Cantabria, Spain, summer 2017. 



SUNDRY houses the creative practices of artist and educator Kacie Erin Smith. Originally from California, she lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She completed her BFA in Printmaking at Washington University in St. Louis, programs in Waldorf teacher training and biodynamic farming at Rudolf Steiner College, and her MFA in Art & Ecology at the University of New Mexico.



My practice is centered around mixed-media installations and interactive projects exploring craft and place. In recent years, I have focused on sculptural backpacks and kits designed for and/or based on specific locations. The packs draw from environmental and cultural elements to explore self-sufficiency and the body. I work with natural and found materials, wood and textiles, integrating skills passed down within my family. After many years as an outdoor educator, I utilize my studio practice to reconcile the desire for ritual, tradition and connection to nature within an increasingly digital reality.